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olin (
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:33:42 -0700

Ten days ago I attended a garden/landscape conference north of Flagstaff AZ.
In the morning there was 4 inches of wet new snow with snow clinging to the
green leaves on the aspen trees - usually deciduous with no leaves by the
time of the first snowfall.  Meanwhile, at our home near Phoenix 130 miles
south, the temp went over 100 deg on that same day.   The past week temps
have varied from low 70s to mid/high 90s.  Nice weather for planting the
fall/winter garden.  -Olin

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> Christmas of 1957 in Norfolk was with snow, about 6 inches IIRC.
> Therefore your next snow date should be winter of 2017. Sounds like it
> snows there about as much as it snows here. We got about half an inch in
> February 1988 and we saw some flurries that didn't stick last year.
> Anytime if snows is too often for me.
> Forecast for tomorrow is 50F so I checked out the furnace, changed the
> filter, etc, etc. All ready to go to keep old bones warm.
> George, thinking big pot of chili or stew