Re: [gardeners] Yes, frost!

Marc Winterburn (
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 21:05:31 +0800

I have been growing palms for many years and have lots of varieties. I like
the smaller ones, Chamaedoreas and the like, but cant resist growing
anything I can get seeds for. I have 140+ varieties of chillies now  and a
nice veggie garden. I grow organically and sell the surplus to health food
shops to supplement the income.  A couple of years ago I had 1 chilli plant
but through the generosity of  fellow net gardeners I have expanded my
collection dramatically.
Different varieties are hard to come by here in Oz but I aim to change that.
I actually just registered a new business name yesterday. I'm now officially
"The OZ Chilli Man"
I also plan to make my own hot sauces this season on a commercial basis. But
there's a lot to learn there.
If anyone has any delicious homegrown sauce recipes that have been handed
down through the generations that they wish to share  , I'd be pleased to
get them. I only got a liking for hot food a couple of years ago on a trip
to your beautiful country. I was in Norleans and tasted Cajun and that was
it for me, Addicted. Whats the secret in the Cajun cooking. Can the flavors
be recreated even over here or are they secret herbs and spices.
Marc, Western Australia 80F+ with clear skies and warming up for the next 7
months or so. We haven't seen anything that even resembles a frost for 4-5
years now.
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> Hello, Marc W -- how nice to know the extent to which this modest
> garden group reaches!
> Come join our conversations, and tell us how come you have hundreds
> of the Chinese windmill palms...?
> Penny, New York -- starting our first nor'easter of the season, with
> winds expected above 40 mph, and rain coming down in buckets ...
> The National Weather Bureau has warned us of a big coastal storm
> surge, but we are just beyond the reach of any waves the Atlantic
> has ever thrown upon us.
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