Re: [gardeners] gourd harvest

Ron Hay (
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 07:10:59 -0800

Hello, friends,

If pumpkins can be considered a kind of gourd, our late vine takes/took
the cake: a volunteer plant, from seeds Vivian had planted from our
previous year's pumpkin on a whim, a vibrant vine sprang up. It produced
6 pumpkins, the largest of which was 14.5 lbs. The vine clambered
everywhere! Onto the old, disused satellite dish; over the neighbor's
block wall, engulfed a portion of the tomato jungle. Then, just when we
thought its garden thuggery was over, Vivian chopped out the plant...or
thought she had. One hunk had rooted, all by itself, and continued on
its rampage behind the tomato jungle, producing yet another pumpkin, as
it climbed over the garden wall!