Re: [gardeners] Yes, frost!

George Shirley (
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 13:22:25 -0600

I guess the ones I grow the most are a New Mexico chile that came out of
a ristra that a friend had and she gave me some of the chiles. Another
is the yellow chile, Aji' Lemon de Peru, makes an excellent yellow hot
sauce with a good flavor and an interesting afterbite. The last one of
my favorites is called Longhorn and originally was a Corno di Toro
outcross with some other chiles I was growing. It gets about 6 to 8
inches long, about an inch in diameter and is mildly hot. I use it to
mix in with whatever very hot chiles I am growing. I try to make hot
sauces that are flavorful with a bite and not so hot normal people can't
eat them. They are in the category of Louisiana hot sauces but not like
Tabasco which is made only with tabaso chiles.

We've had so much rain this year that my chile plants haven't done very
well, I've only gathered a couple of gallon containers of ripe chiles
and they reside in the freezer at the moment. Margaret Lauterbach of
this list knows more about chiles than I do so maybe she'll chime in.


Marc Winterburn wrote:
> Thanks for the info George, What are your favorite chilli varieties.  I will
> search on Google for the newsgroup you suggested.  Thankyou I would
> appreciate hearing your hot sauce methods. Gee I won't forget Friday night
> Bourbon Street. That was a fun night. I couldn't do it too often though.