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GizmoAZ (
Sun, 10 Nov 2002 13:43:39 -0700

Wow, sounds like you've been very busy George!

A busy Sunday here too.  I received 10 roses in today.  8 of them were 
replacement roses for 8 mis-labeled Sunsprite.  I dug up the mis-labeled 
roses, which we determined are White Maman Cochet.  One of them I am 
keeping, and have planted in one of my rose beds in the back yard, as 
this is a good rose, and blooms well even in the summer.  The other 7 
are being donated to our local rose society for their Christmas Raffle, 
as I have no room for them all.  I planted the 8 Sunsprite in their 
former spots.  Now my rose hedge of Sunsprite is complete, all the way 
around the border of the front yard.  It should look nice when they are 
all in bloom, and they are all yellow instead of some of them being 
white...laugh! ;)

I also planted to other roses which I had ordered.  One is called 
"Secret Garden Musk Climber".  It was found in an old garden in Southern 
California. A beautiful rose, which when in bloom, almost looks like 
white Hydrangea.  Since I can't grow Hydrangea here because it is too 
hot, this is a prefect replacement. You can see a picture of it at this 

I also planted "Lavender Dreams".  A delightful mauvish-pink rose.  Some 
have called it Belinda, but we believe that not to be true, after much 
conversation with our friends on the other side of the pond.  You can 
see a picture of it at this link:

I also gave my roses their last fertilization of the year.  A good bath 
in emulsified fish.  This should keep them over, and provide roses on 
the table for Christmas, yet not create to much tender growth that could 
get frost bitten, if we have an frost at all.   The whole yard spells 
like fish right now.  I keep watching for the neighborhood cats to hop 
over the fence to investigate, but have seen none so far.  I really like 
feeding my roses fish emulsion.  It seems to intensify their colors, and 
make them really pop.  Many rosarians use fish emulsion two weeks before 
a rose show to brighten the colors of their roses.  Really great stuff! 
 I use it on all my annuals, perennials and outdoor houseplants as well. 
 If it didn't smell so bad I would use it on my indoor houseplants as 

All in all a great weekend.  We were suppose to get rain all weekend, 
and haven't seen a single drop.  Lots of threatening clouds, but they 
don't seem to have enough steam in them to do anything.  So mostly sunny 
today, temps in the mid 70's.  Life is good!

Chat with you later...
Alan        Chandler, Arizona        Sunset Zone: 13

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George Shirley wrote:

>We've been out for a few hours doing a few chores that really needed
>doing. Finally took out the 4-inch diameter peach limb that was trying