Re: [gardeners] Getting ready already

George Shirley (
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 14:42:28 -0600

Not really, I've been diagnosed a bit over 8 years now and know what I
can and cannot eat and how my meds affect my body. All that is changing
at this time as I have recently lost nearly 20 lbs, another 40 and I
will be down to what I should weigh. Doesn't occupy even a portion of my
daily concentration.

I did overeat today though, the Thanksgiving feast for our clan is over,
son and his kids gone back to Houston, daugher and her young ones and
her grandchild are still here. Most of the turkey and the ham were
eaten, most of the hot rolls and dressing are gone. The huge casserole
of sweet potato casserole is only half gone and there are plenty of
baked beans and devilled eggs left too. Tried to give a bunch to the son
but he claimed no one would eat it, couldn't convince me after I watched
his 4 yo daughter and 2 yo son scoff up a full adult plate each and then
top it with both pear and pumpkin pie.

Daughter will take a goodly bit of it off our hands as her three horses
(all over six feet tall including the 16 yo daughter) will eat most
anything. She says she has to watch them to keep them from eating the
tablecloth. Granddaughter-in-law has a hefty appetite too for such a
petite woman.

I'm full as I ate too much but will probably skip supper tonight and
make up for it. I've finally, I think, learned to eat less and enjoy it

It has been a very good day for Miz Anne and I, Sleepy Dawg is nervous
around small children so she's already napping.

George wrote:
> Whew, George, you've given us quite a tutorial on the care and feeding
> of a diabetic Type II. Sounds like it occupies quite a portion of your
> daily concentration. I found it an eye-opener ...
> Penny
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