Re: [gardeners] Getting ready already

George Shirley (
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 18:13:05 -0600

I've asked my daughter that and she just smiles. Their dad is 5 foot ten
inches and my daughter is about 5 foot 3 inches. Miz Anne's family has
all tall men, mostly an inch or two over six feet so I figure it came
down through her. We had a really good time but are ready for our
showers, jammies, and some rest. Herding the three little ones is a
chore but herding the three grown grandkids is a real chore. The middle
boy is a reformed crystal meth addict and getting clean has changed his
life for the better. The eldest and the youngest of my daughter's
children love to pick, wrestle and tease and that gets old quick with
old people. Josh, the eldest, was playing a little to rough with Sleepy
Dawg and she nipped the end of his nose. Not enough to draw blood but
enough to put him in his place. His significant other than proceeded to
read him the riot act and she's really good at that, consequently she
makes a good fit for our family. Not to mention that she is an extremely
attractive young woman and pretty smart to boot.

Never envy tall people Penny, us altitudeinly challenged folk can get
into places they can't and it's easier for us to buy clothes off the
rack that fit. Our son is 6 foot one inch tall, weighs 150 lbs, and
wears 32 waistband jeans with a 34 inch leg. Try finding those just

George, standing proud at five foot seven inches (used to be 5"8" when I
was young) wrote:
> George, how did those 3 grandchildren get so tall...?
> I envy them.
> Penny, NY
> .
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