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George my husband is 6' 3" tall and might weight about 190 pounds. His jeans
are about a 34/36 (I think) My son Jon is going to be 20 this February and I
swear he looks like he is still growing. Married since last June 27 and his
18 year old wife keeps trying to fatten him up! He is around 6' 1 or 2" and
weights about 180. Both my men wear a size 11 and 11.5 shoe I am only 5' 6"
if my son got anything on the tall genes from me it was from my daddy that
was 6' 2" and 230 pounds.
      My new daughter in law just can't wait to give us a grandkid! Even
went off the birth control pills after they were married. Now those will be
interesting genetics !!! Her daddy is of German decent and built stout but
not fat. He also pushes the 6' 3" mark. She is only about 5'8" I think. We
have a good laugh. With my son and her daddy that have been known to raise
some real cane she figures they will be lucky to keep their kids out of the
pen ! Redneck is a gene too ya know. LOL I figure maybe I can just keep the
grandkids working in the garden to keep the edge worn off maybe.
      I like my guys tall so I can holler " I NEED A TALL PERSON !!!! " when
I can't reach things. Garden content. When my daddy was alive he didn't like
tomatoes at all. One time he had some tomatoes that were vine ripened and
darned if we couldn't keep him away from them ! He just couldn't get enough
of those vine ripened ones.

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> Never envy tall people Penny, us altitudeinly challenged folk can get
> into places they can't and it's easier for us to buy clothes off the
> rack that fit. Our son is 6 foot one inch tall, weighs 150 lbs, and
> wears 32 waistband jeans with a 34 inch leg. Try finding those just
> anywhere.
> George, standing proud at five foot seven inches (used to be 5"8" when I
> was young)