Re: [gardeners] Getting ready already (
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 22:01:00 -0500

George, Thanksgiving was always exhausting. We used to have to drive 
to Long Island, and the traffic was unreal. A 60 minute trip took 4 hours
- and even with Jimmie driving thru back streets! Then, all those years, 
we were too many in too small a house with too many dogs. But the food
was good, that's for certain.

Thanksgiving was my grandparents' wedding anniversary, and when I was
a child, we all would gather in their Manhattan apartment and have a
ball ...  It was the only day of the year that I got to see my cousins,
and I
just loved it. 

Then along came the war, and everything changed. We all gathered at
Gallagher's Steak House in New York City, and I sure do remember 
bringing  my new hubby, Jimmie, along for dinner, in his spanking new
G.I. uniform. . . My grandpa asked him would he prefer the turkey or
the steak dinner, and of course, Jimmie answered, "Both!" -- which is
what he got. No problem finishing -- I should have known what I was
in for, right then!  He was 6'2" and skinny as a rail, and bossy as all
get-out. He wanted me to practice lifting him in a fireman's carry, 
just in case of a hurricane ...  You know what...? I sure tried, but I
never succeeded.     

I guess that I envy tall people, George, because Jimmie only had
eyes for tall girls, 6ft and up. Still does. And this fire and brimstone
marriage will have reached 60 years, come next May -- a miracle 
beyond belief~! Come to think of it, he could still finish both a
turkey and then a steak Thanksgiving dinner. 

Penny, NY


> Never envy tall people Penny, us altitudeinly challenged folk can 
> get
> into places they can't and it's easier for us to buy clothes off the
> rack that fit. Our son is 6 foot one inch tall, weighs 150 lbs, and
> wears 32 waistband jeans with a 34 inch leg. Try finding those just
> anywhere.
> George, standing proud at five foot seven inches (used to be 5"8" 
> when I
> was young)
> wrote:
> > 
> > George, how did those 3 grandchildren get so tall...?
> > 
> > I envy them.
> > 
> > Penny, NY
> > 
> > .
> > 
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