Re: [gardeners] In the garden wannabe

Jann (
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 14:14:47 -0600

Three inches of snow here overnight. My mystery bush started growing again 
last week. During a freeze. So there is another clue. It seeds itself, it 
doesn't start its growth until late November, and it dies in June/July. 
*sigh* Some day I will know!!! My garden is otherwise history. Oh, we also 
have a couple impatiens that are still blooming, freeze or no freeze. Go 


  At 01:06 PM 12/4/02 -0600, you wrote:
>It finally quit raining hard about an hour ago and now we have a soft
>rain falling, ie one you can actually drive in. By my oft emptied rain
>gauge we have gotten 8.5 inches since yesterday. I'm interested in
>hearing what the weather person has to say on the news at 5.
>I can see the garden again but I also see that I need to move some dirt
>around later on, there's a whopping pond on one side of the garden that
>isn't draining too well. May have to drive the trusty drive point into
>the hard pan under there a few times and rake the garden soil around and
>up to fill the hole. Just in case I forget I took a couple of digital
>pictures of the mess.
>To keep my mind off the wet I am cooking a large mess of spaghetti
>sauce, or as my eldest granddaughter called it when she was about 4 yo,
>bisgetti sauce. Ground sirloin, browned in the presence of finely
>chopped onion and minced garlic, sweet chiles, red, green, and yellow
>chopped coarse, a bit of freshly ground black pepper, a palm full of
>oregano from my herb garden, dried a month ago, and crushed by the
>warmth of the hand, mushrooms, freshly sliced and lightly sauteed in
>unsalted butter. Added to this was about a dozen frozen tomatoes,
>thawed, peeled, cored, and whizzed in the blender for a time long enough
>to leave some small chunks. A few fresh leaf celery leaves and a bit of
>chopped fresh parsley. All of this will slowly simmer at the lowest
>stove top heat until Miz Anne returns from her job and is ready for a
>bite to eat. Boil up a batch of thin whole wheat spaghetti, drain it
>well, toss it with a teaspoon of virgin olive oil and top with the meat
>sauce. Go alongs will include a tossed salad with fresh tomato, lettuce,
>onion, green olives, Kalamari olives, feta cheese, and a nice dressing.
>In addition the loaf of Italian bread I am baking will be done at about
>the right time. In the meantime the smell wafting from the kitchen is
>driving Sleepy Dawg and I both crazy.
>Good news to top that - all this sore throat stuff has caused me to lose
>22 lbs, down to 212 lbs now and shooting to get below 200 for the first
>time in 20 years. Even my waist has gotten smaller, while I don't
>recommend coughing as a waist reduction exercise it does work, two waist
>sizes down on my trousers now. It pays to keep at least three waist size
>trousers around here. <VBG>
>Life is good, even when it rains forever.