Re: [gardeners] Re:Home Again

George Shirley (
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 15:49:26 -0600

We had the same mailman for nearly 15 years, we would move and they
would change his route. We lost him this month and have a strange one
now due to route changes. Ricky, the old mailman, knew Sleepy personally
and would come through the drive gate on foot and put packages in the
garage (behind the house). He also knew where the key to the door was
and would occasionally use the bathroom if he really had to go. He was,
and is, a personal friend that is valued so had the run of the house
when necessary. 

Our UPS guy, same one for nearly 10 years, just got promoted to
supervisor. He was friendly with Sleepy and, since we have a universal
leash law, didn't worry too much about dogs biting him. He carried doggy
treats with him all the time anyway. He claimed the tiny little house
dogs were the worse to bite. Slip up behind you and try to hamstring you
so they could eat you at their leisure. <VBG> Never having been bitten
by any dog I can't vouch for the treat method. Most dogs I've met like
me and the ones that didn't I could scare pretty bad just by growling at
them and showing my teeth. Very few dogs will attack an alpha male.


Billie wrote:
> >My dog isn't that easy. Since we're holding his collar, he can't
> >bite the UPS man, so he bites the package instead.  Margaret L
> >
> >>And I thought it was just b/c he visits us so much! :))  LOL about
> >>the doggie treats. I'll have to ask him if that's his secret.
> >>
> >>billie
> Ha!  The Fed Ex man has permission to leave packages outside the gate
> if the dogs are out. He doesn't even like to stick his arm in to put
> the package down when they're out there.
> We invested in an extra large rural mailbox so the mail woman can put
> almost all packages in it - every now and then she has to come to the
> gate with something bigger. But she doesn't come in at all - she sits
> in her SUV and honks!
> billie