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Mailman again, Here in Gingin we are only 50 miles north of Perth which is
the capital city of Western Australia. We dont even have a delivery of mail
as it all goes to a PO Box at the PO in town but the postmaster is the same
sort of person. He is a friend , if you want to know anything of what goes
on in the town hes the one to see. He also lives near us In the same
subdivision but he wasnt in the path of the fires but he has been helping
every body no end,
He does put packages behind the PO gate in town if you cant make it during
open hrs and has even been known to bring packages to our homes after hours
if they are urgent. I dont think hes seen me dripping and naked though.
At least I hope not.
Life is slowly returning to normal ,well as normal as normal can be. One
thng the chickens that survived the holocaust have all been lumped into one
tempory pen which happens to be very near our bedroom window.
We are awakened before first light every morning by the roosters, two who
both try to out do each other.
Must get onto building that new pen.
See ya
Kind Regards
Marc Winterburn

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> >We had the same mailman for nearly 15 years, we would move and they
> >would change his route. We lost him this month and have a strange one
> >now due to route changes. Ricky, the old mailman, knew Sleepy personally
> >and would come through the drive gate on foot and put packages in the
> >garage (behind the house). He also knew where the key to the door was
> >and would occasionally use the bathroom if he really had to go. He was,
> >and is, a personal friend that is valued so had the run of the house
> >when necessary.
> This made me think of a funny story. My boyfriend in high school
> (small southern town) grew up and became a mailman and was assigned
> the route that included my parents' house. I left to go to college
> after high school and never really came back except to visit - so I
> had no idea he was their mailman.
> Anyway, I came home one day planning to surprise my parents and stay
> for the weekend. I got there in the middle of the afternoon and went
> upstairs to unpack and take a bath in my old clawfooted tub. There
> weren't any towels upstairs when I got out so I went dripping down
> the stairs to get one. Imagine my surprise when I bumped into my old
> boyfriend, now the mailman, who was invited by my mother to come on
> in and get himself a cold drink, use the bathroom, etc. any time he
> needed to!!
> No one locked their doors in that little town, so he just came on in.
> Boy was he surprised too. I have to say, he handled it well. I had
> gotten a postcard from an old friend and the mailman/old bf just
> handed it to me and said 'this is for you."
> :0
> When I lived in Durham, NC as a young adult I had this wonderful
> mailman who I just loved. When I left and came back to rent the same
> house 5 years later he was still there! Then I got married and had my
> first child while living in that same house. It was so nice to be
> able to talk to the mailman every day after having the baby, since I
> didn't return to work! Had never had that luxury except on
> Saturdays...:)
> Goodness, it's mailman nostalgia day for me!
> billie