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George Shirley (
Sun, 05 Jan 2003 21:26:08 -0600

Geologists tell me it's about 2000 feet straight down before you hit
rock. Don't know if that's true or not but heavy rains are usually
soaked in, flowed downstream and gone by the day after. I've seen 21
inches fall in one day during a tropical storm and was amazed at how
fast it drains. Of course everything here is planned for big rains, our
storm ditches flowing to the river are big as some small rivers out
west, 60-80 feet across and at least that deep, all cemented in of

I really prefer a dryer climate but this is where we make our living.


GizmoAZ wrote:
> Quite amazing compared to our 7 inches of average rainfall per year.  We
> would be floating away if we had 21.45 inches of rain in one month.  The
> ground here doesn't seem able to soak it in that fast.
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> George Shirley wrote:
> >I was curious this afternoon and went to the local NOAA site and checked
> >our annual rainfall for 2002. I was amazed that we had 85.17 inches last
> >year. I knew it had rained a lot but not that much. October, 2002 alone
> >we had 21.45 inches fall. All of that was at the weather station at the
> >regional airport, about 20 miles southeast of where we live. Being a
> >little more northerly than the official measure we generally get a bit
> >more rain than they do but not much more.
> >
> >No wonder our fall garden has done so poorly. Most of it washed out in
> >October. We did pick some broccoli this afternoon, enough for a good
> >mess for dinner and maybe some leftovers to turn into cream of broccoli
> >soup for tomorrow's lunch.
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> >Still, you have to admit, life is good.
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