Re: [gardeners] Annual rainfall

George Shirley (
Mon, 06 Jan 2003 11:03:08 -0600

I'm sure they will respond with some loving care and a little root
pruning Marc. We often, in a small way, take home throw away plants from
the nurseries here. They usually come right back but, if they don't we
only use a little labor.

I've got fresh chile seed of the Longhorn, Aji Limon de Peru, Thai Hot,
and the New Mexico ristra all drying on paper towels on the kitchen
counter now.


Marc Winterburn wrote:
> Hi George, We could sure do with some annual rainfall here in the blackened
> west.
> 100+F tomorrow and for the next few days but at least there is nothing left
> to burn. Life is pretty hot over here at the moment with no shade but we
> will be replanting trees and shrubs in the next few days as soon as we have
> the water back on. I we out and bought on special about 50
> allistemons( bottle brushes) and also had a good yarn with the manager of
> the largest wholesale nursery in Australasia. He said that they had
> thousands of trees shrubs and native flowers that need a good home. They are
> rootbound and looking ratty but for free I cant complain. I will have my
> oasis back in no time. Their advanced tree nursery covers over 100 acres and
> so their throw out rate is incredible. He was sympathetic to my plight and I
> have been a good customer over the years and know his dad well who started
> the nursery so I sniffed out a good bargain.
> I thank all of the kind folks who have started my chilli seed collection
> going again.