Re: [gardeners] Annual rainfall

George Shirley (
Mon, 06 Jan 2003 21:24:57 -0600

They're attractive to small boys but the police are good about keeping
them out. They're not always full of water Penny, just have a foot or
two in them until it rains. That's with the exception of Bayou Verdine
which is now a concreted drain system where it used to be a free flowing
bayou. The ones that are nearly always full are fenced away from the
public in most cases.

We've lived here fifteen years next month and I don't remember ever
hearing about a case of a drowning in one of the ditches.

I don't know of anyone who would put a boat in one either even though
I've thought of it a time or two myself. Just not enough places to
launch even a small boat and recover it.

There are enough true streams, rivers, and bayous to fish in that even
small boys don't mess around the drainage ditches. We're at the head of
the Calcasieu Estuary, look on a map of Louisiana and you'll see how
much water is around this area. We have very large oil tankers docked
within six or seven miles of our house at the refinery docks.

George wrote:
> George, do you mean that your drainage ditches are like living in
> Venice..???  What keeps the dogs and children out...?
> Penny, NY
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