Re: [gardeners] OT: Natural gas costs

Ron Hay (
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 07:51:05 -0800 (PST)

Hello, George,
Here in L.A. we pay on the level pay plan, with what
was a fixed amount of $36.00/mo for the last few
years. Admittedly, we are frugal with its use and dry
our clothes outside most of the year, with summer
actual usage often falling as low as $18.00 a month.

When our last bill came, the monthly charge went up
$10/mo, or $120/year, also a fairly hefty hike for
something produced within the U.S.

I have been noticing with alarm that the gasoline I
purchase at Food 4 Less, which is usually at least a
nickel less a gallon than at the majors, has
skyrocketed about 11 cents within the past week. Why
there was even a nickel jump overnight from Wednesday
to Thursday! Am I ever glad we drive a very fuel
efficient 4 cylinder Honda Accord!!! No wonder hybrids
are beginning to leap out of the showrooms.

Ron, whose yard experienced half a season's worth of
rain in one day this week. Glub!