Re: [gardeners] Wednesday and not in the garden (
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 15:13:10 -0500

George, not fair!  We don't usually start our seedlings until 
St.Patrick's Day!  And with this winter's weather, perhaps I
should hold off a bit longer...?

This is the first winter I can remember which I have hated. 
Black ice is everywhere. Every few days the wind comes up and 
blows the devil out of us, plus dessicates the shrubs. I don't
mind the coldness -- it's the dreariness which gets into the
soul. And the permanent overcast. No clear, cold, winter skies
for star gazing. Sometimes we can see a faint image of the sun
behind so many clouds that it's a torment! 

Did you get part of that Miami 90* heat wave on Tuesday?  Guess
I would have hated that even more .......

Penny, NY


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