Re: Re: [gardeners] a spring full of chores - peach trees

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 12:08:30 -0700

Do you mean brown rot?  If so, all spoiled fruit, mummies, cankered twigs, 
etc. need to be removed from the area (don't compost). The spores are grey 
and are blown and splashed onto blossoms which may then fail to drop.  The 
spores enter twigs via the blossoms, according to the Ortho Home Garden 
solver.  It says "spray trees (with fungicide containing chlorothalonil or 
triforine) as the first flowers begin to open, and continue to spray 
according to label directions."  If I were you, I'd Google "brown rot" 
since this seems to be the accepted  name for peach and nectarine 
rot.  There may be organic remedies, too, but cleanup is primary. Margaret L

>Can anyone share info on what there is to be done to peach trees to prevent
>black rot?  My peaches are beautiful up until they are at final ripening
>stage - then they all of a sudden all start rotting on the branch.  I wonder
>if there's something I need to treat them with this time of year?
>Teressa in Ferndale, WA (no winter here and my February Gold daffies
>actually bloomed in February for the first time.)