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bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 24 Mar 2003 16:00:04 -0600

If these are just big mice that means they will multiply like crazy and
could possibly cause a health hazard in large enough numbers. If nothing
else they may do some damage to your buildings if they are that type. If you
don't have the heart to kill them at least remove them to some remote woods
so they can't bother anyone else including you.

Okie zone 7a
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From: "Jann" <linncrk@access2k1.net>

> We also have discovered a new critter living in our blackberry bushes, a
> Marsh Rice Rat. My grandson and Ed built Have-a-Heart traps so we could
> catch one and identify them. Don't know exactly what to do with the fellas
> now that I have idented them. They are not really rats but a variety of
> mice. I have mousers (cats) but these guys are BIG!!!