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Wed, 26 Mar 2003 20:23:53 -0600

Good for you!!! That is absolutely wonderful!!! Our shelter has a no-kill 
policy, which is nice. I have rescued four dogs the last three years. And 
one kitten. I love them. And they KNOW you are the reason they are still 
alive. Such loyalty and love!


At 07:00 PM 3/26/03 -0700, you wrote:
>Last night I received a call from a good friend who rescues Shelties. He 
>told me about a Sheltie at a pound that would be put to death on Friday if 
>it were not adopted.  He said he had no room for any more Shelties.  He 
>knew that I was considering getting another one, as Chip is getting up 
>there in age.  He knew also that I was looking for an older one that would 
>not work Chips nerves.  He asked me to go take a look at it, and see what 
>I thought.  I drove over the the west side of the valley to check her 
>out.  That's about a 70 mile drive from here. She was despondent, non 
>responsive, but looked so terribly sad.  I asked for physical contact with 
>her.  Someone came with me and opened her cage.  I got down on my hands 
>and knees were I could pet her, feel for any tumors (common problem with 
>older shelties).  She looked up at me with those big sad eyes, and gave me 
>a big kiss.  I knew then she was going home with me.
>The minute I had her outside of the shelter, her whole attitude changed. 
>She got a big smile on her face.  Her tale was wagging.  It was as 
>different as night and day to the way she acted in the shelter.  Her name 
>is Sandy.  She is a  10 years old. She is bigger than Chip, and Chip is 
>big for a Sheltie.  I'm almost wondering if she is a small collie instead 
>of a large sheltie. ;)  At any rate, she is absolutely 
>adorable,  Beautiful coat, cute white face and nice white mane.  I cannot 
>believe someone would have turned her in to a kill shelter.  Just blows me 
>away.  I've also discovered that she can sit and shake.  We'll have to try 
>ball throwing next.  See if she can catch.  It's too dark to take pictures 
>now.  Hope to get some tomorrow so I can share her with you.
>Chat with you later...
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