RE: [gardeners] New Dog

Jann (
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:46:32 -0600

Heh! I gotta tell you about Clifford. The last rescue of mine. First a 
nutshell background, my daughter was moving, she had a mixed HUGE black 
dog, female. Actually she was just a pup at that time. She didn't know what 
she was going to do with her. (I have her now, in effect, she is my dog) 
Anyhow, while we were packing up her house, Ed came home and there was this 
HUGE black dog just laying down in front of the wellhouse. He thought it 
was Midnight. As he started to get out of his truck, he realized this guy 
was bigger than Midnight. He got BACK in his truck! LOL Then the dog wagged 
his tail. When I got home, the dog was in the house. Some sort of Mastiff 
mix. In short order, I found out that this guy did a lot of things on 
command AND was a big baby. I figured he was about 3yo. Since he seemed 
well-trained, I called every vet and shelter in the area. And I put up 
flyers and ads in the paper. No response. Soooooo, he is ours for a year 
now and spoiled rotten just like Midnight and Bullseye (another wanderer we 
rescued). Spring is in the air. Clifford will be a eunuch Monday.  This 
rescue thing must be a Type-A Personality thing.