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George Shirley (
Sun, 06 Apr 2003 09:55:18 -0500

It's a Sunfire, small car with auto and air. She has the money saved for
her insurance and makes enough to pay for gas. She can't start a veggie
stand to sell my produce when she lives 125 miles away and they are
trying to sell their home and move so a garden there is a problem.


bsk wrote:
> Great Grandpa! What kind of Pontiac?
> Now what is going to be funny is that she may not be able to drive it until
> she saves enough money for the insurance or goes to work to earn it! LOL
> They just don't always think of those maintenance and insurance details
> until they get the wheels.
>    Like I said she may want to start her up a veggie stand with some of
> grandpas garden produce this summer.
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> > She doesn't know it yet but I bought her Mom's Pontiac for the payoff as
> > my daughter is getting a new one. She'll find out on confirmation day
> > but I want her to sweat it first. <VBG> My own kids got used cars for
> > high school graduation and then were on their own.