[gardeners] Friday in Loosyanna

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 15:48:33 -0500

Been sick with infected sinuses for about a week now, coughing most of
the night, not getting enough sleep, etc. etc. Feeling much better today
I ventured out about 3 pm to the library to pick up some books I had
ordered via their web site. As I drove by the bank I almost passed out,
the temperature was posted at 80F! Monday morning it was 38F on our
patio, talk about messed up weather. I certainly hope it stays warm a
while as I would really like to get the spring garden in the ground
before summer arrives. Looks by temperatures that summer may be here
next week. Sheesh!

Only good thing about being sick is getting to sit around and read with
a professional lap dog napping on my lap. I believe Miss Sleepy Dawg
must be caught up on her sleep as she has only taken about a dozen naps
today. Maybe she's resting up for her big birthday on Thursday the 17th.
She will be seven years old and has lived with us for 6 years and 8
months of those years. 

Sleepy and I are trying to walk a bit every day and she enjoys it almost
as much as I do. She's gotten to the point that each afternoon she goes
over to the bookcase where her retractable leash and her collar, aka
Sleepy's jewelry, are kept, stands up on her hind legs with her forelegs
folded against her chest and ostentatiously sniffs at them. Next step is
to look over at me and grumps a little, letting me know that it is time
to walk and sniff. Of course I don't get much exercise as she has to
stop and mark every place that the other dogs getting walked in the
neighborhood have marked, scuff her hind feet a bit and then sniff again
to make sure she has marked over the other dogs scent. 

Life is good.