RE: [gardeners] Monday and Tuesday in the garden

L. Neuru (
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 09:05:43 -0400

George Shirley wrote:
Yesterday afternoon we got everything planted but the hot chiles and a
little radish seed I want to plant. All looking good today. The
eggplant, tomatoes, and chiles are all about 24 inches tall except two
tomatoes, a grape type, that were about 30 inches tall. The tomatoes
were planted in trenches that took up half their height and the planted
part will develop good roots and add strength to the plant. All had a
tablespoon of epsom salts and about a quarter cup of 13-13-13 buried in
the planting hole and covered before the plant was put in. Tomorrow,
given half a chance, the chiles will go in and I will stake the tomatoes
and the eggplant for when the rains come.

well, nice that someone has had spring; ours keeps coming and going.
Yesterday the crocus were up - kinda doesn't have the same hit, second time
around.  Tomorrow if the weather holds we'll get out and clean the grass and
beds in front of the winter's debris, then it'll feel a bit more like
spring, I think.  The long cold winter should make the bulbs beautiful come
May, and the rose roots won't have died.  Most do very well if not superbly
when completely frozen for months on end; it's the freeze-thaw that does
them in.

Does epsom salts work on tomatoes and why??

George, glad to hear tests went well.  I don't remember reading whether or
not the cleared artery improved thought, with increased blood flow to the
brain.  Did it?:))

Margaret, thanks so much for the last round of jokes on Florida.

I am going to try some Roman chamomile and creeping thyme mixed in my front
lawn, or soon to be ex-lawn.

Lucinda, still waiting to be sure it's spring.