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Hi Billie,

Is there a specific color of climbing rose you are looking for?  Why did you plant peace expecting it to climb the arbor?  Or did you plant Climbing Peace?  The regular rose "Peace" will not climb your arbor.  Only climbing peace might climb it, and since it is a sport, it may be a very, very slow climber.

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Hi, all...

I'm thrilled to hear the list will go on and that George will still 
be with us as a posting member - don't know how I'd do w/o your life 
is good posts, George! :)

I need some ideas for something to plant in a couple spots in our 
garden. First, our front gate has an arbor over it and I would like 
something that is pretty and grows fast. I planted peace roses on 
both sides last year in hopes that they would eventually meet in the 
middle - one died and the other one is healthy and growing but soooo 
slowly. The arbor gets full sun about half the day and filtered sun 
the rest.

I also have an arbor on the other side of the yard - it gets very 
filtered light - anything I can plant their that will climb and 
bloom? I tried a climbing hydrangea but it didn't do well there.

Otherwise, the fruit trees are looking great, raspberries and 
blueberries are putting out leaves, the Chinese wisteria along the 
fence is slow to come out but seems to be waking up finally, and the 
azaleas are in full bloom.

We also have a blackberry crisis in our biggest bed - made the 
mistake of letting a blackberry bush grow along the fence last year 
and now shoots are coming up all over the entire bed!

The echinacea along our sidewalk is coming up - if the dogs don't eat 
it all it will be the thickest yet. I'm leaving a lot of stuff out - 
but suffice it to say our yard is coming back to life faster than I 
can keep up with it! :)

We're planting the veggie garden this weekend - got it hoed and ready 
this week. Am way behind on my to do list but will keep plugging 


billie hinton

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