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Hi Billie,

I want to tell you about my very favorite climbing rose, and I hope it is not to late to plant bare root roses in your zone.  My very favorite climbing rose is called Spectra.  The name suits it well because the many different seasons bring out a whole spectra of colors in this rose.  From soft pastel yellow and pinks to deep yellows and dark cherry reds.  you can see pictures of this rose at this link:

Now, this rose is a slow climber too, but reached the top of my arbor in 3 years, the wait was well worth it when I look out my kitchen window in the morning.  You will get vases and vases of roses off this lovely rose at it shoots long canes with large blooms non-stop.  Wonderful rose.  It is available only from "Wayside gardens".  the price is reasonable for it.  You can check it out at this link:

Once there do a search on "Spectra"

Chat with you later,
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>Also, what zone are you in?

Zone 7.

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