Re: [gardeners] New list owner

George Shirley (
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 18:04:56 -0500

I can vouch for Craig's food preserving skills. We both haunt the
newsgroup for one thing and I keep running up on
posts of his when I'm researching preserving something new. Craig is a
good resource for whatever list or group he is on.


Craig Watts wrote:
> First off, Thank you George for so many years of help. I'm sure you just
> won't go away though  ;)
> Hi Terry,
> Thanks for taking on this task. Sounds like you are up for the challenge.
> I'm in Raleigh NC (zone 7a). We garden veggies and herbs. We can, dehydrate
> and make sausage.
> I also smoke meats. This years first challenge is a new grape arbor  :)
> Thanks again.
> Craig