[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 20 Apr 2003 18:21:29 -0500

Drove to Houston area yesterday morning, making good time, two hours,
never exceeding the speed limit. Just lucky with traffic I guess as it
took 2.25 hours coming home today in the heavy Easter eastbound traffic.

Went to youngest granddaughter's fifth birthday party yesterday morning
in Kingswood and enjoyed watching 20 kids try to bust a pinata that my
son could barely break with a ball bat. Kids had great time and all of
my grandkids but one were there but the one at work had his lady and my
greatgranddaughter there so we got plenty of baby on us.

Peaceful afternoon at my daughters in Splendora that Saturday afternoon
checking out the work that's being done on her house preparatory to
putting it on the market on 1 May. New roof and a totally new paint job
will help as will some new tile flooring in the bath, kitchen and
hallway. My eldest grandson did the tile laying and it looks good. I
tightened screws and bolts here and there, the little stuff that gets
left till last, plus a little electrical repair work and a new inside
phone line that one grandson and I ran. Me doing the technical work and
the grandson pulling wire and grunting. B-) Had a lot of help from Miss
Sleepy Dawg and my greatgrand Miss Zoe Robertson. Zoe squatted and asked
a lot of questions and Sleepy stayed busy trying to keep me from
smooching on Zoe when I got the chance.

Sunday I baked a ham with a crust recipe I took from FoodTV and Alton
Brown's show "Good Eats." Wasn't that impressed with the ham coating and
the whole thing seemed a lot of work to just cook a ham. Daughter fixed
baked asparagus with lemon cream sauce, green beans with new potatoes,
and broccoli with sprinkled fresh grated parmesan. I also baked a loaf
of bread in the daughter's bread machine. A good time was had by all
visiting and eating and laughing at the antics of the baby who, by the
way, has become quite the chatterbox since she turned 2 yo last
November. She has memorized the words to one of her children's books
"Dinosaurrumpus" and quickly corrects you if you leave a word out or put
one in. The ladies were all dressed in their Easter best including hats
and gloves and this includes Miss Zoe for the 9 am Mass today. I got
some neat pictures of "My Girls" too.

Life is bery bery good.