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There are lots of ground covers that could go under the roses that either
bloom at different times or are more neutral in colors.  The creeping phlox
I have used blooms just before the New Dawn rose in the same bed.  Ajuga and
sedums comes in a variety to colors that would provide shade for the
clematis roots and not compete with the rose blossoms.

I have also heard of several people who like to plant Million Bells
Terracotta under their roses.

These are just a few suggestions.  I hope they help.


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Hello, Terry -- I'll have to become inventive this summer. The
clematis have been planted at the back of my rose bed, climbing
up the railings of my back porch.  The only way I had managed to 
provide shade at the roots was to stand some tall stones in front 
of them. I didn't want to put ground covers in there because they 
would have detracted from the impact of the roses, or so I thought. 

I shall have to give this project some studious thought .....

Penny, NY


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