Re: [gardeners] Clematis (
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 13:33:54 -0400

Hi, Kari -- there already is a 3" mulch of Buckwheat Hulls 
which never deteriorates. They are the by-product of making 
buckwheat flour for pancakes, etc. They much resemble 
lightweight raw lentils in appearance, so the ground remains
a pretty brown color, and the weeds NEVER grow. AMOF, 
they are used to stuff bed pillows in Japan, to give one's neck
a proper support, so it is said. 

One year I actually did dump an extra pail of hulls around the
base of the 3 clematis growing up my porch trellis. I never 
felt that this gave the roots sufficient protection from the 
mid-summer 85-90-95 degree steady sun and heat. 

Your opinion...?

Penny, NY


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