Re: [gardeners] All's well that .... (
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 00:12:17 -0400

George, talking about an ancient artifact, son-in-law Gino decided to
move one of the fig trees across the yard to a spot near the house,
and right in the middle of the tulip bed which we all had carefully 
created three years ago. At that time, we had borrowed a huge 
rototiller, and if you remember the story, daughter D.J. had been
given a truckload of not-yet-ripe spent tulips which had been 
removed from a beautiful commercial garden. We had 4 of us
working, plus Jimmie being of some help, and Penny supervising
(hee hee...). We must have made about 8 furrows, and stuck in some
96 old tulips and covered them over. Last spring they were 
surprisingly fruitful, and my expectations of crop failure never
materialized!  This spring, no surprise, there were less of them ...

OK, so Gino chooses his spot, and starts digging with a long handled
shovel, dig, dig. He hits a tree root from the big bad maple which
he had just had taken down, so he switched to a pick-axe, dig, dig. 
Hmmnn -- mighty stubborn root, this one!  And he bends down to 
investigate -- of course, t'weren't no root at all, but the line for
the cable into the house. Chopped to smithereens. That meant no
TV, no computers, and NO connection with Gino's hospital from
where he gets the emergency calls as a radiologist!  He put in a
call to the cable company, and Sunday afternoon notwithstanding,
in 2 hours a repair truck pulled up, manned by Brunhilde, the
designated repair person ... She did a magnificent job with the 
splicing, and he was back in business once again. 

But somebody tell me the odds of our having missed that cable
when we tilled that tulip bed....???

Penny, NY


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