Re: [gardeners] All's well that ....

George Shirley (
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 09:29:53 -0500

That tiller may have decided to just jump it and is probably still
giggling about it. Machinery must have a sense of humor or it would blow
up from some of the stupid things we humans put it through.

George wrote:
> George, talking about an ancient artifact, son-in-law Gino decided to
> move one of the fig trees across the yard to a spot near the house,
> and right in the middle of the tulip bed which we all had carefully
> created three years ago. At that time, we had borrowed a huge
> rototiller, and if you remember the story, daughter D.J. had been
> given a truckload of not-yet-ripe spent tulips which had been
> removed from a beautiful commercial garden. We had 4 of us
> working, plus Jimmie being of some help, and Penny supervising
> (hee hee...). We must have made about 8 furrows, and stuck in some
> 96 old tulips and covered them over. Last spring they were
> surprisingly fruitful, and my expectations of crop failure never
> materialized!  This spring, no surprise, there were less of them ...
> OK, so Gino chooses his spot, and starts digging with a long handled
> shovel, dig, dig. He hits a tree root from the big bad maple which
> he had just had taken down, so he switched to a pick-axe, dig, dig.
> Hmmnn -- mighty stubborn root, this one!  And he bends down to
> investigate -- of course, t'weren't no root at all, but the line for
> the cable into the house. Chopped to smithereens. That meant no
> TV, no computers, and NO connection with Gino's hospital from
> where he gets the emergency calls as a radiologist!  He put in a
> call to the cable company, and Sunday afternoon notwithstanding,
> in 2 hours a repair truck pulled up, manned by Brunhilde, the
> designated repair person ... She did a magnificent job with the
> splicing, and he was back in business once again.
> But somebody tell me the odds of our having missed that cable
> when we tilled that tulip bed....???
> Penny, NY
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