[gardeners] Friday night not in the garden

Craig Watts (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 25 Apr 2003 20:54:33 -0400

Cleaning out the fridge. Shimp and okra gumbo! Came home to find Cindy
sturring a roix. It happened to be in Randy. Our new cast iron dutch oven.
He's about 10 or 12 meals old and just taking on "the color". (through much
work). I jumped in and became stir man on the roix. Next it was empty the
fridge. onions, garlic, okra, canned tomatoes. Parsley and thyme. Only thing
listed not from garden so far was the garlic. Now the shrimp and some left
over home made Kilbasi. And then there was this little mistake. Cindy didn't
realise how hot the cayanne peppers hanging on the fishing line where. They
are a gorgious bright red and will rip your heart out. She put JUST a little
too many.

Any hoo, the meal was nice and hot served over rice whilst it is cold and
storming outside.

Tomorrow we'll work on refilling the fridge. Shovel by shovel, plant by