Re: [gardeners] corn gluten?

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 28 Apr 2003 16:09:17 -0600

No, Terry, it just inhibits the formation of support roots for seeds, so 
that when seeds germinate, they quickly die.  Corn gluten meal does have 
NPK, in a ratio of about 8-4-3, IIRC.  Margaret L

>I just bought 4 bags of Whitney Farm's "Uncle Malcolm's Weed Whoppin' Mulch"
>which includes corn gluten as one of its ingredients.  My plan is to use
>this mulch on a rose & perennial bed that we began planting last fall.
>Currently, the bed contains roses and Blue and Rose Queen Salvia.  I am
>about to plant clematis, hardy geraniums and some daffodils that didn't get
>planted last fall as well as some pansies, for instant color, in the bed
>before I mulch.
>My question is: does corn gluten present a problem for perennials and bulbs
>that died back to the ground in the winter?  In other words, will it
>inhibit/kill the new growth next spring or restrict the spread of new growth
>for the more mat like hardy geraniums?