Re: [gardeners] Strange things

George Shirley (
Fri, 02 May 2003 16:59:01 -0500

About six of them are cousins of mine in Texas and Louisiana. One is a
famous opera singer and I don't know who the rest are. Like I said, this
was the second time that happened this year. First time there was an
invoice in the package and I mailed it on to the lady who lived in
Massachusetts I believe. Pinetree sent me several packets of seed to
replace the money I spent on postage. Guarantee that if it had been
something I could have used it would have gotten planted. Actually the
asparagus will grow here, but I want the all male variety because I
figure if it seed badly in the north it will seed very badly here. It's
90F outside at the moment. 

Miz Anne and I are pretty happy right now, our son and his two youngun's
are on the road to spend the weekend with us. Five and 2.5 years old and
really sweet kids.


Sharon Gordon wrote:
> Hmm, well there are over 50 adults named George Shirley in the US and
> another 100 or so people named Shirley George.
> Wonder if one of them wanted raspberries and asparagus?
> Hope they can figure it out or if not that the customer orders more
> south-friendly items in the next order of theirs that you get :-).
> Sharon