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Hi Penny,

Roses need more than good sunlight, they need good circulation.  There are several things that could be wrong here.

1. The heat coming through that window is magnified and to hot for the rose.  Since you say you have other plants there, I doubt that is the problem.

2. Even though they are getting morning sun, it is not enough.  Miniature roses, just like regular, prefer 6 full ours of sun per day.

3. Not enough good air flow and circulation.

4. Not watering it enough. (If your watering too much, the leaves would turn yellow first and then fall off).  If it is in the little pot you were given the rose in, it may be draining to fast and drying out quickly.  I would repot into a bigger pot and move it outdoors.

My recommendation would be to move it outdoors where it gets morning sun and afternoon shade.  See how it does.  I bet you will notice improvements within a week or two.  Miniature roses are really not meant to be indoor plants, unless you have a wonderful green house environment for them where they get bright filtered light all day long.

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Hi, Alan -- your photos are wonderful!  Great that we can all share them

As an experienced rose grower, perhaps you can help me...? I
received one miniature rose (unamed) on March 25th, mailed to
me from a well known place in San Diego, Ca. It was in excellent
physical condition, and had about 8 tiny dark red roses on it. 
I hung it from my window ceiling hook where it gets full morning sun.
I water it with ve-r-y dilute 20/20/20. 

After about 3 weeks I found that quite suddenly many leaves were
fading away to brown in no pattern at all. No signs of insects. No
darkened veins. 

I finally sprayed it with Chlorothananol but saw no improvement. No
other plants were infected. A week later I sprayed it again. It 
continues to go downhill. 

Since this one particular plant means so much to me, I would dearly
love to keep it alive. Any suggestions...?

Penny, NY


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