Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the garden, last week (
Mon, 5 May 2003 23:55:40 -0400

Margaret, I am quite convinced that the Percocet was too strong, and that
caused Jim's hallucinations. The doctors took away the pain medicine 
altogether at that point, and left Jim with no substitute -- a nightmare
after a fall like that!  

Today we took the bull by the horns and brought Jim into my own
family doctor. He was gentle, kind, and generous of medication,
so that now we can at least relieve the attacks which come on 
spontaneously if he turns his head or neck or backside suddenly.
This will all take time and patience, both of which Jim seems to
feel he has not enough of. 

I am about to go pour him a bowl of shredded wheat, so he will 
be able to cope with the pain meds. He's really quite like a little
boy -- he turns to his 'mom' for help, but wants to remain
independent. Tough position for me...!



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