[gardeners] NOT in the garden on Thursday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 08 May 2003 13:45:25 -0500

Left the house about 0800 this morning and my friend Sam and I spent
about 4 hours on the river chasing fish. Came home with a bucket full of
bream, white perch, and goggleeye (Warmouth bass). All caught on very
small artificials. A day on the river fishing with friends is as good as
a day in the garden with the family to me. First time I've been out
fishing that long in nearly three years and I'll be ready to go again

Lovely day with high winds at times, overcast for a bit and then the sun
came out. Cool most of the morning tending toward getting into the low
eighties afternoon. Met several other folks out fishing who were
enjoying themselves too, including one elderly couple who had their
Boston Bull Terrier with them. Lady said the dog loves to go fishing and
wants to lick every fish they catch. The dog looked like a Mac truck
emblem on the bow of the small boat they were driving. Standing up with
her head erect and directing traffic along the river.

A very good day and enough fish to have a small fish fry tonight. I hope
all have a good weekend and you get some rain if you need it. We are
watering almost daily due to drought conditions again and the city is
getting ready to mandate watering hours based on street address numbers.
I'm glad we use soaker hoses.