Re: [gardeners] green tomatoes?

George Shirley (
Sun, 18 May 2003 09:18:06 -0500

LOL, one little tomato plant, about 12 inches high, has 4 tomatoes the
size of golf balls on it. Had to stake the thing already. Bear in mind
we're much warmer than you are. Although, having lived around DC for a
few years it's hard to believe anyplace could be hotter or more humid
than "Soggy Bottom."


"c.l. avery" wrote:
> Dear George and list,
>   George - you've got tomato plants loaded with green ones already?  Gosh!
> Makes me drool with anticipation.  Half of my tomato plants are about 12
> inches high and the other half just got put into the ground last week.  No
> hint of any green fruits yet.  We've had such a cold and rainy spring here
> in the DC area.  In fact, it is so cold tonite - around 45 degrees - that
> I've had to put the heat back on!  In DC!!!  Usually the AC is on by now....
>   Hard winter and now a strange cold spring.
>   Carolyn
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