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Mon, 30 Jun 2003 09:44:34 -0600

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>It seems we are having similar problems here in Southern California. Our 
>eggplant leaves were beginning to look like grandma's doilies until we 
>sprayed BOTH with insecticidal soap (ineffective), and then hauled out the 
>big guns of malathion. They are doing beetter now, but we will keep an eye 

Planting a trap crop of Asian greens such as a mustard lures flea beetles 
and other lace makers away from eggplant.

>Our corn, too, is tassling out at about 30" inches, but not all of the 
>varieties are: chiefly the "calico" variety, and not the white corn. Here, 
>it cannot be the incessant rain, because we have not had any since May 
>2nd, and even that late rain is very unusual for us.
>As for soil, my wife tills in compost, gypsum, redwood compost, steer 
>manure and compost, every year, so it cannot be for lack of nutrients.

The only nutrient I see there is compost.  Steer manure is poor in 
nutrients, although it has some. Margaret L

>Does anyone else have any ideas?
>Ron, who is gnashing his teeth because the squirrels got almost all of the 
>apricots this year, since he did not have chance to net the tree before 
>going to Germany89f66b.jpg

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