Re: [gardeners] Only Semi OT:Need suggestions for respirator with

George Shirley (
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 16:13:19 -0500

It sounds as though what you need is a PAPR, Powered Air Purifying
Respirator. Has a device that rides just above your hips with the air
filtration unit pulling air in with the help of a battery operated pump
and then the air flows to the full face respirator mask. If you were to
try to buy a SAR, Supplied Air Respirator, you would need some very
expensive hose, face mask, and a rented tank of breathing air. See if
you can find a safety supply house in your area that carries PAPR's. If
there isn't one you might try on the web to find one with a Google
search. Be aware that such a device is not cheap though. A normal APR,
air purifying respirator is only 9 or 10 bux but the others can run from
$600 to over $2,000.00. None of them use oxygen, just normal ambient 
air, either drawn in through a cartridge that filters the air or by the 
power of the small motor air is pushed through the filter. The others, 
SAR and SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) use compressed 
breathing air, known as Grade D breathing air, and are only good for the 
length of time the bottled air is used.

Basically, if you're unable to use an APR you're looking at an expensive 

George, wearing his safety consultant hat


Sharon Gordon wrote:
> Hi, I need to get a respirator with full face mask and and airline.  It will
> get used for processing dry gourds from the garden as well as other things.
> And I seem to remember that some people on the list are involved in
> industrial level safety precautions, so I thought I'd ask.
> The ones with the nose and mouth covering and disposable filters don't allow
> enough oxygen through for me.
> What kinds are good to get?
> I think I'd like one that I can plug in so I am not always having to get new
> air tanks, but have never used anything like this before, so welcome advice
> as to how to choose.
> Sharon