Re: [gardeners] Weekend report (
Sat, 16 Aug 2003 00:20:42 -0400

George, your recent report on  your visit to dughter's new home in
Tomball tickles my memory bank -- except that I am sure that Jim
and I never quite accomplished all the work that you did!  

Zoe must be very precious to you -- I can well remember my 1st
grandson's reply as he was helping me prune and dig out the weeds at 
my daughter's house.. What would you like Grandma to bring next
week, so we can plant something for you to grow..? Not a moment's
hesitation till he said,  strawberries and mashed potatoes. He was
very busy pulling my leg, aged 5. 

I'm sure I told you that annecdote a long time ago -- but the best
part was that I did bring Alpine strawberry plants and some spuds
with eyes, and we planted them. He watered them, he pulled the
weeds -- and 4 years later the strawberries were still growing

He lives down in South Carolina now, and we don't get to see him
anymore. Real sadness ...  Make sure that you visit with Zoe just
as often as you can manage, so the bonds of the early days remain
with you, George. 

Penny, NY -- finally getting the power back on...!!


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