Re: [gardeners] Weekend report

George Shirley (
Sun, 17 Aug 2003 08:55:30 -0500

These are college courses that give her credit for high school too. She 
goes to high school during the day and to college at night and some 
weekends. I guess they are similar to your A P courses but in reverse, 
she actually is enrolled in community college and high school.

Zoe is to be three years old on November 16th, IIRC. Daughter's given 
name is Merrie. Merrie Pender to put the two together, named after my 
MIL. Both our kids have different names from the mainstream, our son is 
Ransome Lafayette, named after my maternal grandfather.

I don't think the kids mind if I tell their names, both are excellent 
shots and have carry permits in Texas. <VBG>

George wrote:
> George, are the "concurrent courses" what we call "A P courses"
> or Advanced Placement? They are high school classes for which 
> one gets college freshman credits. 
> How old is Zoe now, and what is your daughter's given name? (I
> won't tell anybody .....) 
> Penny, NY
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