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L. Neuru (
Sat, 23 Aug 2003 22:36:44 -0400

They can be deleted as far as I am concerned.  Lucinda

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> We've had a request to get rid of the Gardeners list archives. Terry 
> King had to go to a meeting so asked me to poll the members.
> Do any of you actually use the archives?
> If not, do you have a problem with doing away with them?
> I do have to tell you that GlobalGardens has been hosting this list 
> since day one at no cost to any of us and they need the space on the 
> server.
> If enough people actually use the archives, which I seriously doubt, 
> then Terry and I will find a place for them on some other server.
> Please reply to my address by replying to this email with a yes or no to 
> the questions. Please do so within 24 hours.
> Thank You,
> George Shirley
> Acting listowner