[tomato] rooting suckers from plants

John Taylor (jtaylor@stic.net)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 12:49:15 -0500

While watching a show on HGTV yesterday, I came across an idea I had
never heard of....and am giving a try.

The man suggested while pinching away "suckers" from the mature plant,
that you can root the "suckers". I had never pinched anything from my
tomatoes, and have, for the most part, produced good fruit. It was the
rooting of the suckers concept that peeked my interest.

Has anyone had any luck with rooting these "sucker" branches?

The man suggested just letting the "sucker" sit in some water until
roots formed, but I coated the cut end with rooting powder and planted
it in a very loose loam. I am keeping it wet, and in my sunny kitchen
window to watch it. Just did all this yesterday eve....

Info would be appreciated...I can see that those of us who live in the
sunny south could have some fun with this form of gardening...and it
could keep us in tomatoes all summer, and well into the fall.

Jan Taylor
San Antonio Texas