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John Taylor wrote:

> The man suggested while pinching away "suckers" from the mature plant,
> that you can root the "suckers".
> Has anyone had any luck with rooting these "sucker" branches?
> Info would be appreciated...I can see that those of us who live in the
> sunny south could have some fun with this form of gardening...and it
> could keep us in tomatoes all summer, and well into the fall.
>John,yes indeed you stumbled onto one of the real assests of the long seasons in the south.I had read about this and by accident I successfully did just what you described.I was working in the green house(I am in the far north not the south)trimming and pruning tom plants of course some of the cuttings escaped my notice and within a week I had rooted and growing plants on the green house floor.I transplanted those out and added to the others in the garden.Good for you and happy "pinching".Connie zone 5/6/7/