[tomato] rooting tomato accident

Ian & Laurie Stoba (stoba@earthlink.net)
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 08:20:28 -0800

Hi All,

Well, whoever it was who told me I might be surprised by that decapitated
SF Fog that I stuck back in the ground last week was 100% correct! I went
back to our community plot yesterday and was greeted with abundant healthy
tomato seedlings, including the Fog which seems to have managed to root
itself from the bit of stem I stuck back in the ground after it's
accidental weeding incident with my two year old. We had such bad luck
early on with transplants that I thought I would lose most of my tomatoes,
however they're proving very durable and nearly all are making a comeback.
I think the introduction of copper barrier around the raised boxes to limit
snail predation, and a thick mulch to conserve moisture and limit weeds
have made a big difference. Now we've just got to figure out what kinds of
cages/supports to use before these guys start spreading all over our
intensively planted limited space garden. They're going to have to grow
UP, that's for sure. So far we have in the ground San Francisco Fog,
Orange Queen, Great White, Sweet 100, Stupice, Black Krim, Siberia, Black
Tula, Southern Night, Azoychka, Fireworks, Grushkova, Black Plum, and
Russian Persimmon. Here at home under lights I have a few more, which also
include Russian 117 and Plum Lemon.

Some of the determinates seem to have such a compact growing habit that
I've played with the idea of trying to keep one or two in the apartment and
try to get fruit indoors with the help of grow lights. Is this possible do
you think, or am I dreaming on that one?


San Francisco