[tomato] (Fwd) Re: Roberts windblown 'mators

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Fri, 30 May 1997 22:41:06 -0700

Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 09:46:58 CDT
To: tomatoe@globalgarden.com
From: John & Jan Taylor <jtaylor@stic.net>
Subject: Re: Roberts windblown 'mators

robbert@ccnet.com wrote:
> Thanks for the note
> Here in the S F Bay Area winds have ripped my beefsteaks and betterboys in
> half. The damage is to the trunks as well as the limbs. Limbs are still
> barely attatched....by threads.
> The plants are the size of a beachball.
> Leave them alone......?
> Cut them back to the ground?
> Thanks

I would perform CPR!!!! On the BEEFSTEAKS especially!

But really, I would not do a thing except perhaps to prune off the limbs
that are attached by strings ONLY if they are dying...

And would not prune the whole thing back...I would just wait and see how
it fares....and watch for new growth below the damaged area...etc. take
it a day at a time....

I would also probibly put stakes up and around the plants and tie off
the broken limbs, just to support them....or add extra support beyond
what you normally do...

(or get the duct tape out and start patchin')

Dunno what the "pro's" on this list would do..I tend to take extreme
measures with my tomatoe plants, and baby them big time.....

Jan Taylor