[tomato] Roberts tomatoes and my grasshoppers

Thu, 05 Jun 1997 07:42:07 -0500

Robert, we would love to hear how those terribly wind blown tomatoes are
doing....did any of the hints help? Or did you pull them up?

In our little front garden the grasshoppers have appeared....and just
about stripped those 8 plants before I really noticed (it was like one
day they looked great, the next they were naked..) I had a problem with
those ugly green worms, but that was not near the problem that the
grasshoppers created....AND! Most of them are mating at the same time so
we made crude jokes about "found the maters and had a real good time..."

Anyway, nuked those things last night...SEVIN to the rescue...

wanted to be organic....but wanted tomatoes more.....

The 2nd patch of ROMA's are doing ok, and the back patch of better boys
and sweet 100's are beautiful...(now if the blooms will stay on the
squash's we will be fine...)

Have a wonderful day!

Jan Taylor
(who is already fighting high 90 degree weather....)