[tomato] Hello Truman..

Thu, 05 Jun 1997 21:25:09 -0700

Hi,Truman glad to have you on board and cant wait to hear if the bug
zapper does the job on the deer.
Being in Mississippi(wow thats a hand full)your way out ahead of me here
in Idaho, which in great part is further north than Main(latitude).My
toms are in the ground and looking fine but no where near ripe tomato
time.Cant complain about the weather this year(so far)as its actually
been pretty good you just dont put toms out here until May anyway as the
frost is always a threat until then and then sometimes into June.
What varieties do you grow?I have a friend that is hydroponic, hes in
Alaska and his is all computer feed etc. as well.I love/hate hearing
from him with his 7'peppers and toms to the ceiling and down again.But
its fascinating to hear so many Ripley stories and hope someday to give
it a try myself.
Guess most folks are busy gardening so not posting much.Although the
list has never been very busy,wish more folks knew about it.I tried
passing the word but not much results.
Enjoy that squash this weekend.